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16 Feb, 2009

One Word Review: John Cope’s Sweet’N Creamy White Corn

Posted by: Gregory Ng: The Frozen Food Master

Sometimes I just can’t help myself. My stomach tells me to try out something tried and true but my head is telling me to crouch way down and look for something at the bottom of the barrel. And so it goes where I allow myself to try something that probably would be better off left alone for the 1% of people that are aware of its existence and happen to like it.

Me? I think my one word review is explicit enough for you. Let’s just say this John Cope’s Sweet’N Creamy White Corn tasted like I had tasted it before. Actually let me go a little further. It tasted like I tasted it, it journeyed down to my stomach and then like a one day business trip, it turned right back around and I tasted it again.



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