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10 Mar, 2013

Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken Made Better! (Ep561)

Posted by: Gregory Ng: The Frozen Food Master

Today I’m going to show you how to turn this frozen meal that honestly, I don’t really like, into a good meal using just one ingredient.

This is the Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken meal. To be honest, I really don’t like this meal. It has really overplayed flavors. Heavy handed with the sour lemongrass flavor, heavy handed with the sweet coconut sauce. I know some people love it, but I think it is unbalanced .

That’s a shame because it is made up with great vegetables, a lot of chicken and a filling portion of quinoa. These flavor combinations are similar to southeastern Asian cuisine like Thai, Laotian, Burmese food. But what makes those dishes great is the delicate balance between sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and spicy flavoring. That’s where today’s +1 comes in.

Today’s +1 is Chili Garlic Sauce.

I put this Kashi meal into the microwave for 2:00 and then stirred in a teaspoon of the Chili Garlic sauce. This is more than enough heat to add to this meal. Back in the microwave it went this time for 2:30 and it was ready to eat.

It’s not a huge visual difference but the taste difference is phenomenal. This chili garlic sauce adds a little bit of spice but more importantly, adds a saltiness to this meal that tones down the lemongrass and coconut flavors.

Now’s your turn. Which +1 ingredient would you add to this Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken meal? Leave it in the comments section. Thanks for watching! see you next time!

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