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Read about Freezerburns on Wikipedia has a mission to deliver you real reviews and real answers to one of life’s most stressful decisions: choosing the best frozen foods on the planet. For the last 4 years I have reviewed over 500 frozen meals and took the guesswork out of the freezer section with in-depth reviews of packaging, cooking directions and times, and most importantly, taste. Now I am on a mission to make those frozen meals better with quick ideas on how to make your frozen entree better using fresh ingredients.


How long do you spend doing this show?
I spend between 25-40 hours a week working on Freezer Burns

Is this your job?
No. I have a full time job in marketing and a full time job as a dad. I fill in the blanks of my schedule working on Freezer Burns.

Do you eat all of this food?
No. What you see me eat on camera is about all I ever eat of the product.

Can you cook?
I’m actually a pretty decent cook (I think) and I cook dinner 5 times a week.

Who helps you with your videos?
Right now, no one. I am a one-man show.

Do you charge companies to review their products?
Yes. If you are a company who would like your frozen food product or line reviewed on Freezerburns, email me at for a fee sheet.

Doesn’t getting paid make you biased?
Yes and no. It is impossible (whether you get paid or not to do a review) to truly be unbiased.  The review fee gives priority in the publishing schedule to the product. However, I do not accept money for favorable reviews. All companies submit their products at their own risk.


I am not affiliated with any frozen food company. I’m Gregory Ng and I am the Frozen Food Master. I have no real culinary skills. I just watch a lot of Food Network, eat a lot, and enjoy packaged meat. I enjoy a great steak, hamburger, or sausage link too.

By day, I am a husband, father of three, and an exec for a marketing agency in Raleigh, NC.

You can also view my lifestream at Want to link up? My personal Twitter account is @gregoryng and you can follow me here.


Contact me at yummy [at] freezerburns [dot] com


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